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                   A number of Inventions and utility model patent production technology


                   Sinomagchem is classified as a national high-tech enterprise,were accredited for drafting the China National Standard of “Magnesium Sulfate for agriculture” and “Mg plus B fertilizer”. We possess Licenses for manufacturing & production and sale of feed-grade Magnesium Sulfate and feed grade Magnesium Oxide, as well as the production License for secondary nutrient fertilizer (containing magnesium fertilizer). We are currently the largest manufacturer and exporter of Chemical Process Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer products and feed products, and also a global recognized supplier for magnesium agrochemical products in the world.


                    Widely carry out scientific research activities,independence and cooperation with several research and development institutions.
                         Independent Magnesium Chemical Industry Research Institute. 
                         Building “Engineering Technology Research Center for Magnesite Chemical Industry” by joint efforts with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
                         Building “R&D base Magnesium Fertilizer” by joint efforts with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


                    Sinomagchem is the only magnesium chemical company accredited with four quality certifications in ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP and OHSAS18001 in China. We have completed the registration of Magnesium Sulphate in accordance with the REACH regulation,according to the certification and regulation for production process of all-round quality control and regulations.


                    The whole product chain from raw materials to the manufacturing:Form the whole supply chain services,Mining, Calcination, Chemical Processing, Logistics, Trade, and Customer Service.


                    Sinomagchem is the biggest magnesite chemical manufacturing company in China.Independently owned Productivity,500,000 tons of magnesium sulfate & other magnesium fertilizer and feed;  Productivity of 200,000 tons of magnesium oxide.Maintain long-term stable supply capacity.

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