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                  SINOMAGCHEMDevelopment history


                • 2000

                  In June, official registered company, and in same year start sales & export.
                • 2005

                  Start build new factory area. Accredited by HACCP quality control system.
                • 2007

                  Accredited by ISO9001 & ISO14001.
                • 2008

                  Member of (IFA)International Fertilizer Association
                • 2009

                  In May, Hold the first China international magnesium fertilizer conference.
                  In Dec, established R&D department
                • 2010

                  In November, Complete the official registration of REACH.
                  In December, Won the title of national high-tech enterprise
                • 2011

                  In July, The national standard of magnesium sulfate for agricultural use,
                  which was exclusively drafted, was officially promulgated and implemented.
                • 2012

                  In April, the foundation ceremony of Yingkou Magnesite Technology Holdings Co. Ltd
                  a subsidiary of yingkou magnesite chemical group, was held.In November,
                  won the title of "national top 10 magnesium compound enterprises".
                • 2013

                  In September, co-built "magnesium chemical engineering technology research center"
                  Chinese Academy of Sciences.
                  Co-build “magnesium fertilizer research and development base” with Chinese
                  Academy of Agricultural Sciences
                • 2014

                  In October, the "agricultural magnesium sulfate of high quality" project was included
                  in the "China Torch Program" industrialization demonstration project by the ministry
                  of science and technology.
                • 2017

                  In July, accredited by FAMI-QS quality control system.
                  In Sept, Hold the “2017 China international magnesium fertilizer conference”.
                • 2018

                  In April, presided over the drafting of the "national standard for Mg plus B fertilizer
                  was officially released and implemented.
                  In November, Established Chinese Academy of expert workstation.
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